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No! We do not require you to attend and pay for an Upper then Lower course where you are limited in only treating those specific muscles or areas. Because we train you in our systemic model you will be able to treat the majority of neuromuscular conditions from head to toe after our Foundation course.

No, IDN courses DO NOT focus only on targeting a specific muscle (myofascial TrP) but address neuromusculoskeletal dysfunction (peripheral nerve mapping) as an interrelated systemic issue. IDN courses are the evolution of treating the system and not just the points.

While we respect all needling theories and concepts, we are the creators of Neurologic Dry Needling and have literally written the book on it. Do your research on where the many "new educators" have acquired their information.  Your can only learn Neurologic Dry Needling from the IDN Institute, the innovators in dry needling education and treatment!

No, as long as you have prior dry needling training (proof of attendance required) you are able to attend our specialty courses: Diagnostic US for Tendinopathy, Advanced Integration of the Pelvic, Lumbar, Hip and Abdominal regions and Neurologic Dry Needling for Craniocervical pain and dysfunction.

Our systemic model offers a uniquely adaptable approach so that all healthcare professionals, whether from pain management, orthopedics,  sports, neuro rehab, occupational and preventative care can easily integrate IDN into their clinical practice.

No, completion of the foundation course is required. IDN's practical and clinical concepts are significantly different than other DN educators, that it is important to complete the full training.  To help out we will provide you a $500 discount toward your  Foundation course tuition, just send us your certificate of attendance from the prior training by clicking the "Get in Touch" menu button. You will not be disappointed!

The law permits PT's to perform dry needling in 37 states and DC. There are only 5 states that prohibit PT's from performing dry needling and there are 8 states that are silent on PT's performing dry needling. (Reference: APTA).

The American Physical Therapy Association states that Dry Needling is within the scope of practice for a Physical Therapist. Several other health professions cite that dry needling is within their specific scope of practice as well. There are specific US State rules and regulations that do not permit the practice of dry needling. Therefore, it is your responsibility to know, understand and practice within the specific rules and regulations of your State jurisdiction and professional license.

Upon Completion of the Foundation Course and Advanced Courses you will receive a certificate of completion for each course that shows course contact hours, dates and location. To become certified you must achieve a score of 80% or better on the written and practical examinations in both the Foundation and Advanced courses. After successful completion of both courses you are considered Certified in Integrative Dry Needling (CIDN) through the Integrative Dry Needling Institute, LLC.

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Yes.  If you provide proof of attendance (certificate of completion) from the other training provider we will send you a discount code for $500 off our foundation course.  You can send your information and certificate from the prior training company to Get In Touch

We have accredited continuing education hours (CEU Approvals) in the majority of states. Our courses are approved for Physical Therapists, Chiropractors and Athletic Trainers. Check CEU Approvals for more information.

You must be a licensed healthcare professional in good standing (PT, MD, DO, DC, ATC, OT or NP) that has extensive anatomy training and the ability to puncture the skin (within your scope of practice) to attend an IDN Course. There may also be additional requirements from your individual state in order to attend an IDN course and / or practice dry needling. These requirements vary from profession to profession and from state to state. Contacting your state licensure board is the best way to obtain current guidelines and regulations. See Scope of Practice for more State related information on Physical Therapy. Please note: Other professions ( ex. PTA, OTA, LMT, Reiki practitioners, body work therapists) are not eligible to attend an IDN dry needling course but are able to attend our NeuroRelease Treatment live course or home study course and learn our neurologic treatment model.

We require each participant to read our pre-course manual that is designed to provide background information, theory and references to prepare them for the course. We recommend reading our textbook Neurologic Dry Needling.

IDN provides professional dry needling training courses across the U.S. Please refer to our current course listing to find a location near you.  You could also host a course right in your own facility.  Hosting is a great way to bring IDN directly to you and earn free spots for you and your staff.  If you would like more info on the requirements and benefits please inquire by completing a  Host a course form.

The short answer is yes. Most states have not set a minimum number of training hours required prior to administering dry needling treatments. Therefore you can begin to practice dry needling after completing our Foundation course.  With that said, there are several states that require you to have 50+ hours of hands-on training before you are permitted to treat patients with dry needling.  In those states you will be required to attend both the Foundation and Advanced courses before you can clinically treat with dry needling. We recommend that you always check with your individual state licensure board to find out their specific requirements. Only those participants that complete the entire 3 day training are eligible to receive all of the CEU’s, no partial credit will be provided.

The IDN courses are different because we do not instruct how to treat particular groups of muscles on the first course then instruct how to treat the remaining muscles on subsequent courses. We provide a foundation upon which a clinician can use to treat most neuromuscular conditions and / or dysfunction anywhere in the body. The IDN model is based on the peripheral nervous system mapping allowing the clinicians to appreciate symptoms not only at a local level but also as part of a larger system. We treat the human body as an integrated system, not as individual parts or isolated symptoms.

Yes, we offer payment plans through PayPal called PayLater.  You can select this payment plan during registration by selecting the PayPal option at the payment section of the registration.  Once selected you will see the PayLater button. 
PayLater Payment Plan: Pay in 4 interest-free payments every 2 weeks, starting at time of purchase with no impact to your credit score. Available on purchases from $30-$1,500.  Learn more about this payment plan at: PayLater Information

Yes, you can retake an IDN course at half price if you have already completed the course. Please contact us to get the discount code.  

The short answer is no.  We require that you schedule or reschedule into a future course date.  We do have some other potential options please contact us to discuss.

Yes, we make every effort to work with our host partner to provide you with a private space.  We will work with you to find time within the schedule to allow you the time to pump and not miss course content.

IDN has always been committed to providing high quality dry needling seminars in a safe and compliant environment for our participants and faculty. IDN has adopted very specific safety polices and procedural processes that will be immediately implemented in our courses.  Please review our COVID-19 Policy and Procedures.

*As conditions change we will make appropriate adjustments to our policies and procedures.

In the majority of states that answer is no, PTA's are not permitted to perform dry needling treatment.  There are 4 states (KY, OK, TX, and IL) that do allow PTA's to perform dry needling.  Please contact us before you register if you are a PTA in one of the allowed states.

For PTA's in states that can not perform dry needling, we developed the NeuroRelease Treatment (NRT) to allow assistants to learn the IDN Neurologic Treatment Model.  This course provides you with the knowledge to use soft tissue manual therapy tools to address the majority of neuromuscular conditions encountered in clinic and to have improved communication with the supervising therapist on patient condition. Learn more on the live NRT course or  the NRT home study course