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Cert-MUSC Competency Course






This musculoskeletal (MSK) ultrasound (US) Competency course is based on over 30 years of combined clinical experience in MSKUS.  The course is a combination of live hands-on training and close instructor supervision to provide the participant with an efficient and effective pathway to master MSKUS and become a Certified Musculoskeletal Ultrasound Clinician (Cert-MUSC) through IDN.  The clinical use of MSKUS is the future of musculoskeletal care and this certification is based on the current research outlining the safety and effectiveness.  MSKUS replaces many of the antiquated bedside clinical tests that have poor sensitivity and specificity leading to inaccurate conclusions about the patient’s condition.  MSK US allows the clinician and the patient to view real-time anatomy and determine the condition of the soft tissue resulting in the development of an informed plan of care.  The satisfaction levels of your patients and referral sources will skyrocket as will your treatment outcomes!

[Prerequisite- MSK Ultrasound of The Upper Extremities and MSK Ultrasound of The Lower Extremities courses]


The purpose of the MSK US Competency course is to:

1. Master the knowledge and clinical skills necessary to visualize joints and associated soft tissues.  

2 Provide real time visual education to the patient.

3. Develop a plan of care and treatment intervention.

4. Make appropriate referrals to medical professionals.  

This applied-learning competency course combines live demonstrations, practical hands-on labs, and virtual video learning.  Students participate in small groups of 2 or 3 to practice getting reliable and reproducible US images, which will be evaluated by the instructor with individual feedback provided.   Supervised lab sessions are performed to safely and effectively visualize normal and  pathologic soft tissue structures.


Click here to view the full course agenda.

  1. Be able to recognize normal versus abnormal ultrasound anatomy of an upper extremity structure during a lab session.
  2. Be able to recognize normal versus abnormal ultrasound anatomy of a lower extremity structure during a lab session.
  3. Discuss the current research on the benefits of US guided dry needling for the treatment of tendinopathy in given case study example and during the practical examination.
  4. Independently demonstrate competence and safe technique in dry needling while utilizing ultrasound guidance during labs and during the practical examination.
  5. Demonstrate and produce high quality US images for an upper and lower extremity structures during lab and certification sessions.
  6. Explain and defend the role of musculoskeletal ultrasound in clinical practice.
Expectations of the 2-day weekend

During the 2-day competency certification course it is the expectation that you will be:

  1. Able to dry needle identified soft tissue structures in plane and out of plane under ultrasound guidance.
  2. Able to obtain and accurately label evaluative ultrasound images for all the major joints in the body.  


The ultrasound images and information is based on the work of Dr. Randy Moore.





MSK US for the Upper Extremity

Learn MSKUS for the Entire Upper Extremity

  • Understand the common upper extremity pathologies seen in clinical practice
  • Improve patient engagement with real-time images
  • Add MSK US as a new service line for your practice

MSK US for the Lower Extremity

Learn MSK Ultrasound for the Lower Extremities

  • Understand the common lower extremity pathologies seen in clinical practice
  • Understand the specifics of MSK ultrasound scanners
  • Understand the role of musculoskeletal ultrasound in clinical practice

Competency Course

Become a Certified Musculoskeletal Ultrasound Clinician (Cert-MSUC)

  • Take the lead on the future of MSK clinical care
  • Become the MSK US expert in your community
  • Improve your confidence and treatment outcomes
  • Expand your relationship with referral sources.

Bundle Package

Become a Certified Musculoskeletal Ultrasound Clinician (Cert-MSUC)

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The course is structured around practical hands-on clinical training in a supervised and supportive environment.

  • PowerPoint presentations

    PowerPoint presentations supporting proper technique and current research.

  • Use of MSK ultrasound videos

    Improve the participants understanding and appreciation for the anatomical structures of what is normal.

  • Instructor demonstration of the techniques is enhanced with video technology

    Always providing you the best seat in the house!

  • Personalized practices

    Small group practice of MSK ultrasound imaging skills for specific structures in the upper and lower extremities

  • Multiples techniques

    Implement and practice utilizing different handling techniques of the transducer to optimize the MSK ultrasound image.


Have additional questions after the course? No problem -we got you! Your registration in any IDN course provides you unlimited access to our Professional Discussion Forum. You can get your questions answered by an IDN instructor or another IDN practitioner.

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Student Testimonials

The pre-course handout was very helpful. There was plenty of time to really dive deep into assessing and then needling. Steve is extremely knowledgeable and there was enough lab time to really practice and learn the technique.

Enough lab time to really practice KATHERINE WELDON, PT

I have been to many continuing education courses and this course with Steve is one of the best I have attended. Steve is very knowledgeable and the course covered a ton of clinical material.

Course covered a ton of clinical material ERIK HOLMES, PT

Great course with very relevant clinical application. Being able to view, treat and diagnose is a game changer.

Game changer DAN FLEURY, PT

Great course, great instructor and a great new tool to add to the tool box. Very excited to use in the clinic.

Great course, great instructor KATE SERODIO, PT

I loved how much hands on time we had on the course and how it was evidence based. I learned so much and can apply the material.

Lots of hands-on time!

Steve is able to present the information and knowledge in an understandable and encouraging way.

US is the future of PT! Glenn Flaming, PT

I have completed fellowship training in diagnostic musculoskeletal ultrasound (MSKUS).. Dr. Coppola and his assistant demonstrated their expertise and exceptional skills in a progressive and structured format that assisted the students in building confidence in their ability to identify anatomical structures and then dry needle those structures effectively over the course of two days. This course was 90% hands-on with significant one-on-mentoring throughout and provides good evidence-based education. I highly recommend this course. Thank you!

Expertise and exceptional skills Casey Kirkham, PT



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