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this 3 course series to deliver.....

Full Body Approach

A full understanding of the neurologic dry needling model and it’s application from acute to chronic pain and from the athlete to the geriatric patient.

Foundation Course

Completion of the Foundation provides you the ability to treat the entire body from head to toe based on our peripheral nerve mapping model. This course is focused on safety and providing you the framework to begin effectively treating neuromusculoskeletal conditions with neurologic dry needling.

Advanced Certification Course

The Advanced course caps/solidifies/elevates? your understanding of the assessment and treatment model of neurologic dry needling. model and understanding of the assessment and which is the driver of neuromusculoskeletal pain and dysfunction. Successful completion of this course earns you the distinction of being Certified in Integrative Dry Needling (CIDN)

Chronic Pain Management Course

IDN’s Advanced Chronic Pain Management Course links the underlying pain mechanisms of primary and secondary pain conditions to the neurophysiology of dry needling for optimal clinical application.  Dry needling is applied to the evaluation findings targeting specific pain mechanisms (Nociceptive, Nociplastic, Neuropathic) for persistent neuro-musculoskeletal condition across the lifespan, from athletes to geriatrics.

75+ Hours of Live Training

Clinicians in New Jersey and Washington - this course series fulfills your licensure requirements (75 hours in WA- 80 hours in NJ) of dry needling education in order to be able to provide dry needling treatment to your patients.

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Get started with Dry Needling

  • Ability to needle the entire body after this one course
  • Safe and effective dry needling techniques
  • Add a new service line to your practice
  • Free marking through our media platforms

Advanced Course

Next Level Training!

  • Already Foundation trained- you can still save $200 by using the discount code located on your IDN dashboard.
  • Yes I want to learn advanced neurologic dry needling applications that can only available in this course!
  • Yes I want to become a Certified Integrative Dry Needling Clinician (CIDN)!

Chronic Pain Management Course

Transformative effect of Neurologic Dry Needling

  • Yes, I want to be prepared to deliver safe and effective dry needling care for chronic pain.
  • Yes I want to learn advanced neuromuscular dry needling applications and techniques!


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Unique Concepts, Procedures & Techniques

  1. Neurologic Dry Needling– we literally wrote the (text) book on it!  Our Neurologic Dry Needling (NDN) model is based on addressing neurogenic inflammation, the cause of the majority of pain and dysfunction, in a unique and easy to understand framework.
  2. We offer Advanced Specialty Courses designed to elevate your clinical knowledge and effectiveness when treating difficult cases.
  3. Peripheral nerve mapping  is our treatment model using the peripheral nervous system as a guideline for evaluation, treatment, rehabilitation and prevention of soft tissue pain and dysfunction.
  4. Quantitative Sensory Testing (QST) of peripheral nerve sensitivity assists in predicting a patient’s prognosis when considering dry needling treatment.
  5. systemic model  that is reproducible and predictable that utilizes three types of neuro-trigger points; (1) Homeostatic  (2) Paravertebral and (3) Symptomatic that allow for an individualized treatment plan.
  6. Clinical procedures for both prevention and treatment of soft tissue pain and dysfunction.
  7. Special de-stressing technique enables optimal athletic performance.
  8. Inflict change, not pain- the majority of our needling techniques are painless or with minimal discomfort.
  9. Education in needling mechanisms, from microcirculation to neurochemistry, necessary to treat various conditions like spasm, radiculopathy, hypersensitivity, tissue edema, neuro-trigger points and neuromuscular imbalance.
  10. Self-maintenance techniques to greatly reduce the cumulative physical stress of daily clinical practice that manual therapists experience, which ultimately will prolong your professional career.
  • We do not require you to take an Upper then Lower course where you are limited in only treating those specific muscles or areas until you go back for additional training.  After our Foundation course you will learn the IDN system that will enable you to safely treat the majority of neuromuscular conditions from head to toe;
  • Our seminar DOES NOT focus only on targeting a specific muscle but addresses neuromusculoskeletal dysfunction (peripheral nerve mapping) as an interrelated systemic issue;
  • Our seminar presents the evolution of treating the system and not just the points;
  • Our seminar focuses on the neurological features of trigger points and the physiology of sensory nerve modulation, clarifying the common confusion in the myofascial trigger point approach over the past 40+ years;
  • Our seminar teaches techniques that REDUCES the reliance on manual procedures (palpation) that evidence-based research and clinical evidence show is unreliable and maybe unnecessary;
  • Our neuro-trigger point system focus on the peripheral nervous system to balance muscle agonist / antagonist relationships improving posture and coordinating movement;
  • Our quantitative sensory testing of neuro-trigger points can be used to predict the clinical efficacy of dry needling treatment with our IDN bedside exam;
  • We respect all needling theories and concepts so for those clinicians with prior needling training and experience we clearly outline how IDN can elevate your clinical application and understanding to the next level;
  • Our seminar integrates the benefits of traditional dry needling approaches enhancing the clinical efficacy while minimizing the  limitations of each classic approach;  Read more about the 4th Generation of Dry Needling.

Course Testimonials

The IDN approach is very intuitive and as a student I appreciated the philosophy of the neuromuscular-based education model they used by teaching why, how, and where to needle. It was also very nice to have the ability to dry needling the entirety of the body after one course; most other courses require two or more courses to attain that knowledge and skillset. As with any continuing education course, they advocated for the use of their techniques and philosophical approach. However, it was clear they made a conscious effort to objectively state the limitations as well as the use of dry needling as a supplement to other forms of interventions AFTER your clinical examination. As a clinician, this helped plan how to realistically think about implementing dry needling into plans of care come Monday morning. Not all courses make that kind of effort. I fully plan on taking the Advanced Course and would highly recommend!

The IDN approach is intuitive Nick Stephenson, PT

This course was very applicable to my clinical practice as an ATC. Teaching the systemic ideology makes it easier for the individual clinician to create appropriate plans of care for each patient.

Systemic ideology makes it easier CAROLYN PADALINO, PT

Very carefully laid out and thoughtfully planned course. Thorough and comprehensive. I fell much more confident to use as a treatment and am very glad I took this course!

Thoughtfully planned course EMILY DAY, PT

This course opened my eyes to ways to better influence the nervous system. I am confident that I will be able to better serve my patients with the new information and skills I have acquired.

Better influence the nervous system KIMBERLY LESCHBER, PT

This course was very applicable to my clinical practice as an ATC. Teaching the systemic ideology makes it easier for the individual clinician to create appropriate plans of care for each patient.

Systemic ideology makes it easier CAROLYN PADALINO, PT





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