Course Hosting 

Partner with the Innovators in Dry Needling Education

Our NDN model is based on addressing neurogenic inflammation, the course of the majority of musculoskeletal pain and dysfunction, in a unique and easy to understand framework. 

A simple clinical model: IDN's Peripheral nerve mapping guides the use of dry needling when addressing prevention, evaluation, treatment, and the performance enhancement of patients and athletes.

We respect all needling theories and concepts so for those clinicians with prior needling training and experience we Cleary outline how IDN can elevate your clinical understanding and clinical application to the next level.


Benefits of hosting a course:
  • Free tuition for you and your staff.
  • No travel or lodging expenses.
  • Free marking through our media platforms.
  • Simple process:  we handle all the details including shipping supplies.
  • Add a new service line to your practice.
  • Elevate your current skills with our NDN clinical model.