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Advanced Clinical Integration of the Pelvis, Lumbar, Hips & Abdomen






Advanced Clinical Integration of the Pelvis, Lumbar, Hips, & Abdomen (2-day, 16 hour) is built on the foundation of Neurological Dry Needling to develop the knowledge and clinical skills required to effectively diagnose and treat painful lumbopelvic conditions. This course teaches you to assess and treat pelvic floor, lumbar, lower abdomen and anterior hip systemically in women and men. Because of the neuroanatomy of the pelvic floor the dry needling techniques taught in this course do not require direct needling of the external genitalia and can be performed without fully disrobing the patient. Treatment of patients with lumbopelvic pain and dysfunction related to sport and fitness activities is discussed in detail. The main goal is to improve the clinical outcomes with these difficult conditions that many clinicians shy aware from or do not have the advanced knowledge to manage effectively such as:
• Abdominal Pain and Cramping
• Bowel Dysfunction – (Bloating & Constipation)
• Bladder Dysfunction – (Frequency & Urgency)
• Sexual Dysfunction
• Ischial, groin, and abdominal pain related to sports and exercise

[Prerequisite-prior DN training/experience is required. Your training can be with a different continuing education provider, you do not need to be trained specifically by  IDN]


To obtain knowledge and clinical skills necessary to diagnose and treat soft tissue pelvic pain and dysfunction.

This 16-hour applied-learning course combines interactive lectures and practical hands-on labs. Students participate in several practical sessions, which are intended to provide feedback to students regarding their comprehension of key concepts and techniques.

These practical lab sessions enable students to critically self-evaluate if additional instruction or self- study is needed for clinical practice.


The course Advanced Clinical Integration of the Pelvis, Lumbar, Hips, & Abdomen
will include:

  • Dry needling techniques- (80% of the needling technique is virtually pain-free)
    Detailed, tried and tested needling safety techniques and contraindications for dry needling therapy to avoid human error in clinical practice.
  • Modifiable dry needling system that easily adapts to clinical practice and to the specific needs of each patient.
  • Systemic Homeostatic trigger point concept (physiological and neuromechanical approach).
  • Paraspinal trigger point concept (neurosegmental and dermatomal approach).
    Symptomatic trigger point concept (neuromyofascial pain in the pelvic floor, lower abdominal and anterior pelvis).
  • Neural entrapment points for clinically relevant pain patterns
  • Addresses pudendal and perineal areas discretely without disrobing.


7:30 am Registration – 8:00 am to 6:00 pm (lunch 12:00 – 1:00)


8:00 am to 6:00 pm (lunch 1:15 to 2:15)

Click here for full course agenda.

  1. Independently identify each of the three types of trigger points (homeostatic, paravertebral and symptomatic) in a given case study.
  2. Independently identify neural entrapment points for clinically relevant pain patterns.
  3. Discuss the prevention and management of adverse responses to dry needling based on OSHA requirements with 100% accuracy during case study.
  4. Independently apply dry needling treatment safely into neuro-trigger points during lab sessions.
  5. Independently evaluate soft tissue dysfunctions relating to a given musculoskeletal condition and pain.
  6. Correctly defend the IDN system for treatment of musculoskeletal pain based on the unique neurology and physiology of neuro-trigger points.
  7. Independently integrate the IDN system into the participant’s clinical practice in relation to current clinical guidelines.

Prior DN training/experience is required. Your training can be with a different continuing education provider, you do not need to be trained specifically by  IDN.

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Student Testimonials

This course was sensational - above and beyond in introducing new techiques but also in helping to put them into a greater framework of clinical critical thinking.

Greater framework of clinical critical thinking CHRISTINA MCGEE, PT

This is a great course to bridge orthopedics and pelvic health. There are several tools (not just dry needling) to incorporate and have an immediate response on function. I also felt I received a helpful education to improve my own health.

Bridges orthopedics and pelvic health JANINE LAUGHLIN, PT

The integrative approach makes sense. I have been to another needling course and I felt this course content was more in depth and treated the body as a whole.

Content was more in depth and treated the body as a whole TRINA WINNER, PT

This course really took everything to the next level. It was truly integrative and great for those of us who aren’t geared for internal pelvic floor work. The course was everything I hoped and more!

Truly integrative and great LEIGH ALEXANDER, PT

Great class that provided great functional applications and a fresh take on treatmen for pain and postural dysfunction.

Great functional applications SIMA SHALCHI, PT

This course exceeded all expectations. As a pelvic health physical therapist, this course will add a new dimension to our practice and help our patients.

Add a new dimension to our practice KIMBEREE SULLIVAN, PT

I highly recommend that all practitioner's take this course, especially if they treat pelvic pain. This course will open you up to a whole new world.

Recommend that all practitioner's take this course LAUREN STEELE, PT


The structure of this course 16-hour intensive practical classroom program addresses theory and key principles with extensive supervised participant practice.
  • Multiple PowerPoint presentations

    With video support will begin each new section.

  • 3-Dimensional video technology

    Improving the participants understanding and appreciation for the neurological and anatomical structures.

  • Instructor demonstration of the techniques is enhanced with video technology

    Always providing you the best seat in the house!

  • Interactive Lab Sessions

    Interactive lab sessions will follow where the participants practice and discuss the techniques and concepts with each other and with the instructor.

  • Instructor Summary

    After each interactive lab section  there is an instructor debrief to provide feedback and answer any remaining questions.


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