Dr. TJ Stevenson PT, DPT, CIDN

Dr. TJ Stevenson received his Masters of Physical Therapy Degree from the University of Utah Department of Physical Therapy in 2002. After 6 years working in private practice he returned to the University of Utah to complete a transitional Doctorate of Physical Therapy program from 2008-2009. His interest in dry needling was peaked after assisting a fellow colleague prepare an athlete for a successful bid to join the paralympic cycling team. After experiencing the benefit of dry needling first hand, he began training with IDN shortly thereafter in 2016 and has been utilizing neurologic dry needling techniques in his practice consistently after completing the advanced course in 2017. He began assisting with instruction for IDN courses in 2018. After spending most of his career working within larger outpatient, private practice groups, TJ opened Restore.You Inc – a cash based single provider outpatient orthopedic, private practice. TJ’s primary interests are finding ways to empower his patients with knowledge of maintaining healthier movement patterns in addition to providing skilled services that allow for efficient functional movement and management of pain.