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How IDN is different from traditional dry needling training courses:

  1. Integrative Dry Needling (IDN) offers you first-hand learning experience, that is unique and cutting edge information that you cannot learn anywhere else. 
  2. Our treatment system addresses the WHOLE body not just parts or regions of it. We address the many interconnecting mechanisms that are limiting your patient’s progress from local, segmental and systemic levels.
  1. Available access to all of our information that is continually updated including; new course booklets and new images/videos, and handouts. Therefore, if you take our foundation course in 2012 or 2022, you will have access to our most up-to-date information for that course on your personal IDN dashboard.
  2. Our 4th generation IDN courses present an organic synthesis of Trigger Point (Travell), Neurosegmental Needling (Dr. Gunn) and Systemic Dry Needling approaches (Dr. Ma). IDN is based on leading-edge nervous system research using modern imaging techniques (FMRI) and incorporating new techniques and new clinical skills.
  3. IDN offers you a Tutorial–Apprentice style program, which means you are always welcome to contact us when you have professional questions. We encourage communication with our IDN practitioners and will generously share knowledge to improve your understanding and treatment outcome through our discussion forums, social media, online courses, and zoom live-learning sessions (coming soon!).


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