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The Frustration of a Static Model

Frustrated with treating your patients with the same dry needling technique regardless of their condition?  Tired of focusing on fatiguing the twitch response of a theoretical myofascial trigger point?  Concerned about the significant patient soreness created after your treatments?  Maybe it is time to elevate your dry needling knowledge and treatment options with Neurologic Dry Needling (NDN).

NDN addresses the many clinician reported adverse effects of the myofascial trigger point (MTrP) dry needling model like pain during treatment, significant soreness post- treatment and poor treatment response with chronic conditions. 

The application of MTrP DN has the tendency to be applied at the site of reported pain, with a one-size-fits-all pistoning approach, regardless if it is an acute or chronic condition. Clinicians quickly recognize conditions that have a degree of central sensitivity do not readily respond to this aggressive local approach. If fatiguing a muscle twitch response is the main goal; the required “dose” of needle stimulation is likely excessive for some patients to experience a positive treatment response. 

The over-stimulation of tissue not only applies to DN but to other interventions like manual therapy, where tissue overload can create increased pain and subsequent loss of function.  However, a deeper knowledge of the underlying neuromuscular and neurogenic physiology allows for an incremental and varied level of DN stimulation. 

This is especially important when treating highly sensitized neural tissues, whether central, peripheral or even visceral, it is necessary to utilize an approach that reduces contributing tissue irritability and inflammation without further traumatizing the system.  NDN optimizes pain relief and movement with needling techniques that promote the anti-inflammatory effects of DN while minimizing the total load on the system. 

The one-size-fits-all approach of the myofascial model has significant limitations, which is a main source of the frustration reported by the clinicians that attend our courses looking for something more.  

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