Outstanding training through IDN

A female patient (64yrs old) with severe spasms in the right anterior hip has been coming to me for chiropractic treatment, manual therapy and traction of the hip (14 visits).  We had been getting mediocre results, and she has still been getting spasms from a seated to a rising position.  After I became certified with dry needling she was my second patient that I treated with dry needling.  She has been responding absolutely amazing to treatments.  Before dry needling she was considering a hip replacement due to the severe spasms.  She has received  11 treatments (of dry needling) and she has not had any spasms in her hip for almost 2 months!  Before treatment she had spasms multiple times a day every day and the spasms would wake her up when she turned in her sleep.  Thank you again for the outstanding training through IDN!