Impressed by the IDN model and course

Going through chiropractic school I had the opportunity to get certified in acupuncture, however I really disliked the philosophy behind how acupuncture worked.   After graduation and starting into practice I worked for a chiropractor who performed acupuncture and obtained good clinical results.  At that point I became interested in learning acupuncture but still had an issue with the philosophy of it worked.  When I found out about dry needling I was really interested because of the scientific philosophy  about how the neurology is affected.  I knew that dry needling was exactly what I wanted to learn.  I looked into different dry needling courses and liked the philosophy of IDN.  Other dry needling courses focused on trigger points and IDN focused more on the neurology.  After taking the IDN course, I am nothing less than impressed by the IDN model and course.  I strongly recommend this course to any practitioner looking to add another soft tissue modality to their practice.