Essential Key to Relieving Pain

The integrative dry needling approach is a must for anyone wishing to become a proficient, effective, and efficient clinician providing dry needling. Dr. Ma’s method covers all the bases and the clinician is able to apply the IDN techniques in the clinical setting with confidence immediately following completion of the course. Frank Gargano is a trusted friend and colleague who brings along his expertise and experience to provide quality instruction in a relaxed and informative atmosphere.

Utilizing methods taught by one of my mentors, Dr. Yun-Tao Ma, Frank has been able to establish himself as a valuable asset to any clinician wishing to provide the best care to their patients. Several techniques are discussed and practiced in the course but the one that stands out the most is the painless technique. In other courses that I have attended over the years this technique is not even discussed but it is one that I have found to be the most valuable in regards to patient tolerance and treatment outcomes. It helps to ease the patient’s apprehension, thereby allowing them the ability to remain relaxed during the treatment. In my experience, this is an essential key to the process of relieving pain and restoring a patient’s function.