Great balance of didactic and lab based information

The energy of the instructor and the course material was great.  There was a great balance of didactic and lab based information that helped the content stick.   The course was low stress and had an environment suitable for learning.   I feel confident in dry needling.

Better results with chronic pain

I have practiced dry needling from another nationally known dry needling group and I noticed that other PT’s in my clinic were getting better results with chronic pain patients than me. Therefore I enrolled in the IDN foundation course.

Improved my clinical skills

IDN has improved my clinical skills not only by providing another modality or intervention but by providing a framework on how the nervous system and circulation influence pain, dysfunction, and healing of tissue.

Hands down the best continuing education course

IDN courses are hands down the best continuing education courses I have taken in my 20 years of practicing PT.  Such a great review of utilization of anatomy and neurology.  Application of IDN to my practice of PT has been such a benefit to my patients.

Conductive learning environment

This course is so informative but laid out in a conductive learning environment keeping you engaged and able to immediately retain skill  and information to directly begin using in the clinical application.

Incorporates the body as a whole but allows for

I truly believe that IDN should be in everyone’s “tool box” to help their patients.  It incorporates the body as a whole but allows for other treatment techniques and is not pushed as a stand alone treatment.

Different way to think when needling patients

I have been needling for 4 years now and learned a different way to think when needling patients.  Not just looking at the muscles that hurt with palpitation, but really looking above, below, 360, 720 degrees.  Everything I learned in the course I will definitely be using  in the clinic.

Course is completely evidenced based

The foundation’s course for Integrative Dry Needling was very well taught in much detail.  The course is completely evidenced based with no overlap with acupuncture or eastern medicine.  The instructors were very experienced and had an emphasis on needling with safety. By the end of the course, I felt like I was able to needle my patients confidently and safely. …