Better results with chronic pain

I have practiced dry needling from another nationally known dry needling group and I noticed that other PT’s in my clinic were getting better results with chronic pain patients than me. Therefore I enrolled in the IDN foundation course.

Evidence from orthopedic clinical practice

IDN’s model has tied in anatomy well with current concepts and evidence from orthopedic clinical practice.  Instructors are extremely knowledgable on pain management and most effective treatment approach for individual patient cases and presentations.

Takes the practice of dry needling to another level

This was a great course that really provided a thorough understanding of anatomy and takes the practice of dry needling to another level.   Frank is an excellent instructor and makes the information easy to understand and apply.  I believe my practice will change significantly after taking this course.

Course atmosphere was very constructive

This was the best course I have attended in many years.  The philosophy and theories behind dry needling make sense.  It is consistent with other philosophies I have studied and will be a great addition to treatment of many types of patients.  The palpitation and needling points were easy to follow and the overall course atmosphere was very constructive and …

Labs were very well organized

This course is fantastic!  The instructors are extremely knowledgeable in anatomy and do well explaining it with use of visual aids.   The course is very well organized in regards to reviewing relevant anatomy, homeostatic points, safety precautions etc.  The labs were very well organized so that the more difficult or sensitive areas are later in the labs.

Instructors provided closely supervised labs

The expertise and numbers of instructors provided closely supervised labs.  The instructors provided clinic based applications.  Contraindications and side effects were thoroughly covered and I feel comfortable being able to follow these precautions in the clinic.  I feel more comfortable and competent performing dry needling to cervical and lumbar regions then I ever have with manipulating those areas.  I am …