Integrated approach of teaching the material

I love the integrated approach of teaching the material so I can use the knowledge and skills the next day in the clinic.   I have seen significant improvements in my clinical outcomes.

Improving patient outcomes

Since the foundation course I’ve been able to take patients with spinal stenosis who have plateaued, back to their full daily functions.  They’ve told me they feel that its due to the dry needling.  The advanced course was great and will improve my outcomes.

Grateful for this approach and the outcomes it delivers

I was satisfied with my results with manual therapy until my co-worker became IDN certified and was able to help some patients more with his integrative approach addressing neurogenic inflammation.  I am grateful for this approach and the outcomes it delivers.

Good overview of neurology

This course marries the neuro anatomy to clinical observations so you can problem solve any presentation you see in the clinic the very next day and treat it effectively on day 1.  Provided a good overview of neurology and covers all areas of the body.

Course has opened a whole new level

I feel like this course has opened a whole new level and dimension to my practice when traditional treatment is only partially effective.

Lots of evidence based research

Extremely knowledgeable instructor regarding all topics related to dry needling.  Great patient based association with each point.  Lots of evidence based research.