Cranio-Cervical Course 
Pre- Reading

In preparation for the Neurologic Dry Needling for Cranio-Cervical Pain & Dysfunction Course, please review the pre-course reading to get you better oriented to the course. We will go over some of this in lecture but I want to focus our limited time on the clinical application of neurologic dry needling.  I have packed a lot of information into the course, so please come prepared to work.  I would recommend bringing your favorite anatomy app and / or book to the course.  Review of head and neck anatomy prior to the course would also be beneficial.  Please use the link below to access the pre-course reading manual.

Cranio-Cervical Pre-Course Manual

Many of you have never taken an IDN course so I designed the course with that in mind.  There are many ways to treat the cranio-cervical dysfunction and my goal was to blend several different concepts and paradigms into a model that all clinicians can integrate into their practice, regardless of your prior training.