NRT Course Pre-Reading

In preparation for the NeuroRelease Treatment Course we wanted to give you some information that is important for you to have a very productive and successful weekend.  The NRT is going to take your clinical thought process to another level, with an emphasis on understanding how neurology and neurogenic inflammation effects pain and treatment.  With that said, the information is at a high level, and your review of neurology is paramount to a deeper understanding of the concept.

We highly recommend reviewing the following in the pre reading manual:

  • Read our short introduction paper on the NRT model. 
  • Review the Homeostatic nerve locations. 
  • Learn the nerve chart in the pre-reading; review the dermatomes, the names of the peripheral nerves, and their sensory distribution. 
  • Review the NRT Cheat Sheet. Start to become comfortable with the nerve sensory distributions. We will review this in much more detail throughout the weekend.
NRT Pre-Reading Manual 


To help you better prepare for the course, please visit our Course Preparation page.