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    Luke Robertson

      I’m currently helping a PTA work through a brachial plexus issue that occurred 2 years ago. This traction injury that occurred at the shoulder and elbow and caused the PTA to have severe numbness and tingling in all anterior 5 fingers. She had a subacrominal decompression 1.5 years ago and numerous Trigger point needling in her upper trap and Pec.

      Currently now she has manage symptoms in just lateral 2 fingers unless she has ulnar nerve compression at the elbow.

      I have been talking to the PTA for a few months about her symptoms. I chose to place needles in the arcade of Struthers, ECU at a flat angle, guyon canal, and pronater teres. No manipulation. She was not able to tolerate the pronater teres placement.

      After treatment she reported increase back to her
      initial symptoms from 2 years ago. The increased symptoms lasted ~20 hours and she took a dose ofibuprofen.

      The reason I’m posting is because how she characterized her symptoms. She described the sensation as a pulsating neurogenic pain down into her fingers.

      Has anyone has a patient experience this pulsating neurogenic What was your response?

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