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    I have a patient who brought up his RLS and he was curious if DN would possibly help. I am doing my own research, but wondering if anyone has any experience with this and if it actually has helped to alleviate the night pain for patients.

    Frank Gargano

    I have had several patients that responded favorably. The key is we do not fully understand the cause but do know that nerve inflammation/irritation is at the root of the symptoms. I would certainly start with paravertebrals in the symptomatic distribution then a 360 in the lower leg with Homeostatic points and if there is a particular nerve (many times tibial) I would put more attention here. I would of course treat them bilaterally. Let us know how it goes.


    Hey I just wanted to add to this. I had a patient recently with symptoms consistent with a restless leg type sensation. Not formally diagnosed and he was actually there for a new onset of low back pain that may or may not have been related. In any case, I needled the Homeostatic points on both legs in addition to lumbar paravertebrals, this was almost 6 weeks ago. I saw him yesterday and he said it was the first time he has felt his restless leg symptoms since that time. Repeated the same thing again so I let you know how it goes.


    Thank you both for the input. Unfortunately I haven’t had the pleasure of seeing this patient again since I asked the question, but hopefully when he comes back I can treat him with these suggestions!!


    Okay, just to let you all know. That patient finally came back my way from being out sick for a while and we are doing the needling for the restless leg. It’s a trial and error thing for him as he actually has pretty intense pain with his RLS. I will keep you updated on how it goes 🙂 Thanks!!


    I have a client who gets severe but intermittent RLS, needle the lumbar paraverterbals generally L4-S1, inferior gluteal, fibular HPs. She gets great relief and often now only has symptoms every 6-8 weeks.

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