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    Joshua Nelson

      Hello all,
      I am currently a full-time physical therapist at a private practice in Arizona. I am considering trying a side hustle of making myself available for private cash pay home visits. Has anyone use their dry needling training in this way? Any tip or advice for someone looking to branch out? My understanding is that I would likely want to set up an LLC, as well and obtain my own private mal practice insurance because I will be practicing outside of my employment at the private practice. Also what would be an acceptable self pay billing rate? I was thinking of starting lower to build a clientele?
      Thanks in advance for your advise and responses!


        Hey Joshua. I have been doing the self pay therapy thing for a while now. We have offices in gyms and have been trying to grow it actively the last two years.. There are a ton of options but yes you are going to need to set up a business.

        We started pricing too low…. I don’t advise that.

        figure out how much you want to make with the side hustle. (Double that number because it’s about to be a lot of work lol). Add your anticipated expense costs. divide it by how many sessions you want to do a year.

        Heather Setzenfand

          I am thinking of doing this in the PA region. I just found out that you can’t charge Medicaid people, and you can’t opted out. So what is everyone doing to circumvent this? I want be cash only.

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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