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      Wondering if anyone has ever encountered an indication for (and/ or success with) needling applied to the posterior aspect of the patella? I have a patient with some noted chondromalacia. I plan to treat her with a 720 approach because I am not convinced that her pain is at all purely structural and relative to the medical diagnosis. That being said, it made me question if there is a an approach (perhaps in sidelying or prone with a patellar glide?) to needling the posterior patellar surface, maybe similar to our supine approach to the subscapularis? Thanks for your time and experience, Gail Johnson



        I have found good success with a 720 approach with a focus on the femoral nerve leading to saphenous n. I like to catch that distribution where it crosses the hip and throughout the quad.

        For getting under the patella if you feel you need that you can certainly get in and around the fat pad. In the advanced course we show a joint space needling technique for the knee that you could probably adapt the angle to get around that area.

      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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