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      Hi all,
      I can’t seem to find much on the literature for optimal length of time for the stimulation and dry needling for low back pain. I have been using the NMES with the DN because the literature does seem to favor outcomes with the NMES vs. DN alone, but does not specify the optimal length of time. What have others been using in their clinics and does anyone have guidelines or evidence research for time? Thanks!
      Catherine Hoell



        You are correct there is nothing that specifically defines an optimal length of time. I have found that for most presentations 5 min or less is enough to create a therapeutic effect and tends to be what I use most often.

        Here is a link to a nice article written by Frank and Dave.

        Here are two examples of ENS for low back pain I recently shared on instagram.

        This was a chronic issue where she has had L5 distribution paint for several months and continued nerve tension. ENS done < 5 min

        This was a friend of mine who’s back tightened up the day prior more of an acute locked feeling that I suspect was discogenic in nature. <5 min

        Here is a published case study for low back pain where they applied for 20 minutes.

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