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      Hey everyone,
      I have a pt (17 YO female athlete, primary sport of soccer) with referral for recent partial ACL on LLE. I have seen her before for B knee pain with clicking, catching, and popping/locking, along the ant medial aspect of her patella. Hip/core/knee strengthening reduced the pain but did not take it away so she received a diagnostic scope on the R knee after her bout of PT, with nothing noted other than increased swelling/inflammation throughout the joint. She can’t kneel on either knee, and has the same kind of pain on both of them. Her referral is for the L ACL in particular, but I want to tx both knees as her R knee pain is affecting her gait pattern as well. I think she has B plica syndrome though has not ever received the diagnosis despite being referred to a orthopedic sports specialist. Has anyone attempted IDN for tx of plica syndrome and what was your success? Any tips for what in particular you might needle? She is not tender or painful anywhere other than directly medial and lateral to the patella.

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