Dupuytren’s contracture

    • May 1, 2020 at 9:56 am #36871

      I have a patient with what seems to present as bilateral Dupuytren’s contractures in his hands (R>L). It is undiagnosed (referred by PCP, I told him to look into hand specialists/Dupuytren’s specialists). This is just my diagnosis. However, he also has a huge fibrosis nodule under his right arch. He had surgery on his right hand to release the tendons a few years ago with success… but the tendons have tightened again and are becoming very fibrotic. I have been performing IASTM with minimal results. Has anyone tried needling for this condition/presentation? Any other info you’d like to know? He denies any genetic influence… he does admit to many years overusing his hands with football and yardwork. He’s a healthy middle-aged man with no cormorbidities. I’ll try to get pictures later.

    • July 17, 2020 at 6:42 am #38138

      I’ve actually been using it with a patient with Dupuytren’s recently. They had a local infection from a thorn, and it started after that. I couldn’t find any research on it, but I’ve been performing it into the nodule (borrowing from US-guided injection research there), as well as kind of around the affected tendons, plates, and the extensor and flexor mm bellies. I haven’t found much luck with the proximal needles, but into the nodule did very well the first few visits. After that, they seem to have stalled out a bit as far as ROM goes, but the first few visits they were able to close their hand fully, and finger extension has improved remarkably.

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