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    I am wondering if anyone have utilized DN to relieve joint pain, particularly for SI pain when there is clear dysfunction and the patient is indicating pain at the joint specifically?


    Absolutely. From a safety standpoint as long as you are below iliac crest, heading towards bony ligamentous backdrop, you should be good to go. We go over some specifics in the advanced course. I know we have some really great pelvic floor and SI therapists in this forum I am looking forward to hearing the discussion on techniques.

    Frank Gargano

    In the Advanced course we do discuss Medial cluneal nerves and they can mimic SIJ pain. Aoti describes an entrapped Medial cluneal that is differential Dx for SIJ pain. Needling the Posterior SI capsule is safe but requires a thicker gauge needle to get there and have an effect. The joint has innervation of the front and back of it that differs slightly but S1-S3 are primary and can be accessed via the cutaneous of the medial cluneals.


    Thank you both! I took the first course but I am currently in South Africa. I would love to be able to do the advance course soon. I will see how it fits with travel plans in the future. Both of your postings are very helpful, thank you!


    Dr. Gargano,

    I just did a quick review of the middle cluneal n. as the source of the pain. The Dx does correlate closely with the symptoms that my patient is experiencing. There are a number of studies regarding surgery to alleviate the condition. Clearly you have had success with treatment with DN. Can you give me some guidance to the placement of the needles and the depth that you would suggest to treat?

    Thank you.

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