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      I attended the introductory needling course in Columbus, OH earlier this year, and I had a question regarding a possible patient and didn’t know if you had any input. One of my coworkers was asking about needling for a Meniere’s disease patient. I don’t have any experience with using the needling for this. I do see that there are some articles about acupuncture for Meniere’s. I just wanted to get your input. Thanks for your help.


        Hi Joe,
        I have treated a lot of Menieres patients without ever treating the disease. It is not even clear what it is other than a vestibular incident that has significant vestibulocollic and vestibulospinal involvement during an episode (among other things) but what we can do to is help clear them after the acute episode. Needling into the cranial nerve distributions, Greater occipital and actual cranial region does help clear the secondary symptoms (as a result of) the Menieres. Patients do really well interictal with both DN and manual therapy to the spine. As far as preventing them I have no good data. Keeping their overall inflammatory process down I believe would help so needling on a consistent basis to areas that you will learn more about in the advanced course may be helpful but can not say that definitively.


        I have a friend who has been dealing with Menieres for quite some time now. She recently found out she was pregnant and I wanted to know your thoughts on dry needling her for Menieres this early in her pregnancy. Do you think needling would be contraindicated? Also, if you think it is ok what would be your main target points? I am assuming as mentioned above cranial nerve distributions, greater occipital, and actual cranial region?

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