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    Jennifer DeSantis

      Hello! I read the “Cash Pay for Dry Needling” post, but I am looking for a little more detail on how you structure wellness dry needling. I am a new cash-based practice owner with a gym next door who is interested in services. So you charge and complete a regular PT evaluation and then for subsequent visits you charge a fee and just document a case note for the wellness visit? How do you document the plan portion of your evaluation if it’s only going to be wellness? Also, if someone starts to come monthly, do you just leave them open in your documentation system?

      Just trying to make sure I have a good system and know how to document properly as well as how to advertise and explain to other gyms as there are multiple near my location that I would like to market.



        I ALWAYS charge for my time which could include an assessment, treatment (including needling) or ongoing maintenance sessions with the appropriate daily note documentation (I use PTEverywhere which is a phenomenal system fo the cash based PT). I never truly discharge cases which allows for ongoing management of current conditions and/or further assessment and treatment of new conditions. In my experience even though you categorize as “wellness” care you are always assessing and identifying areas to improve function 🙂 PM me anytime 🙂

      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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