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    I was having a discussion with a coworker today regarding a patient that was referred to him for dry needling. He received the referral from a neurologist specifically for dry needling of patient with a C7 SCI (we think complete based on phone calls, but the patient has not been in for an eval yet). The patient and MD are requesting DN to the RUE and c-spine. We both have concerns about proceeding with dry needling due to the risk of autonomic dysreflexia and decreased (or loss) of sensation in the UE – does anyone have any experience utilizing dry needling with this patient presentation?


      I am PT that sustained an incomplete spinal cord injury with fracture at C4 with quadriparesis that resolved just 3 years ago. My coworker did IDN( Dr. Ma’s foundation class) on my left rhomboids, thoracic paraspinals and left periscapular as I was so tight with muscle spams. This helped immensely with muscle tightness and spams. I have decreased sensation all over with spasticity left LE. I did not have her do it on my c -spine.


        I don’t have any personal experience with dry needling in this population but here is a recent case report for someone with an incomplete spinal cord injury.

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