Sonya Worth

    Hi Jackie, I do not have any specific evidence to share with you. I can share my personal experience treating my own daughter’s osgood schlatter’s knees over the past 5 years. I use 0.18 x15mm needles. I haven’t needled at the growth plate areas themselves, so I am sorry not to be able to answer your exact question. I use the homeostatics in the symptomatic area (saphenous, common fibular, tibial, and sometimes lateral popliteal and sural if she will let me). The discomfort reduces for a time after needling. In addition, she gets symptom relief from K-tape offloading (and she thinks she looks cool!), and dynamic cupping following the tibial, fibular, sural and saphenous nerve distributions throughout the entire leg. She likes vibration therapies to the posterior knee, but doesn’t tolerate the vibration therapies to the anterior knee or tibial. I use arnica lotion as the lubricant for the dynamic cupping. Although she hopes to be grow to 5 feet 5 inches tall or more, I am hoping her current 5ft 3 in is closer to her final height just so the poor kid can start existing without swollen knees and maybe get back to tolerating kneeling and the occasional bump to the shin. Sonya Worth PT