The issue is systemic meaning that your pain and muscle spasm are not generated locally so if your shoulder or knee or back hurt today it does not mean you have the problem there. The issue lies much deeper so chasing the pain to each joint would only server to frustrate you and the clinician. The IDN system would treat the nervous system globally and not just locally where the pain is today. I do not know what type of dry needling your clinician has been trained in but I discuss the more global model of treating neurogenic inflammation in all of our courses. Based on many years of experience in EDS, Fibro and dystonia treating the nervous system in a logical pattern made the biggest difference in the patient outcome. This is reflected in our homeostatic model of treatment.

    You must also understand there is not a cure and you will be seeing someone for dry needling indefinitely but the way I tried to address this is I would get it to a point where I would only need to see them once every several weeks. In a perfect world that is the ideal way to address the chronic and centerally based pain conditions.