Hi Curt,

    I have had some success with DN for insertional hamstring tendinosis. I really like needling with rotation in this area. I will use 5-10 needles inserted into most symptomatic area of the tendon insertion. When you hit a symptomatic area add rotations. I will add rotation. I will usually rotated till tight let it sit for a few minutes and then repeat that sequence 3 rounds or 5-10 minutes. I would also treat lower lumbar in the sciatic n. distribution and distal homeostatic for systemic response. E-stim is always nice as well. Cuation with sciatic n. running down the middle of hamstrings.

    From the NRT course I also really like cupping with movement. I will do static cups for 3- 5 minutes and then follow with hamstring curls. or do cups or vibration massage gun with straight leg raise or nerve glide techniques.

    Nick Sanders.

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