I have found a combination of techniques work very well for PF. I start with IDN, and then I use the rapid release instrument. Use it on the FDL on the medial aspect of the leg. Continue over the heads of the gastroc, tendon of the achilles, calcaneus and plantar surface of the foot. Key is to use it on the medial aspect of the foot where the nerve and tendons co-mingle. I find that the MRT technique is helpful for this problem as well, which does a nice job of mobing the joints, while addressing soft tissue adhesions at the same time. I adjust the subtalar joints, either by hand or with several machines. ART on the post and ant leg is helpful as well. A helpful tool is the medimassager. It has a bar across the top of the platform,and if you have patients SLOWLY, push their feet over it, starting with the toes, and continuing over the fascia, medial and lateral, and the calcaneous, it does seem to aid in calming the condition so the person can walk more comfortably. I usually have the machine set on the second highest setting. I have a typical case response on my site if you care to look. All of this of course is time intensive, but if you want the results to be fast, it’s just part of it. Good luck and have a great day. Jay Scampole