Thank you for your response Nicholas. The Saphenous could definitely tie in with some of her plantar symptoms though I have not needled it directly due to concern over her lower leg swelling. Interestingly enough, I needled a second time in 2 weeks and followed my original points (Iliotibial homeostatic point and Adductors with three 2″ needles along each), and she noted mild increases in lateral knee and proximal thigh sensation as well as a minimal decrease in the abnormal walking on a high heel sensation in her foot. She also feels out of control with the leg, but I attribute that to the tone changes. I should add that her DVT history is remote (’80s) and they were in the calf. Also, she has no clear varicosities just congestion lower legs and worse on the right which likely relates to decreased muscle activity and arch collapse. I am contemplating putting her in compression garments to try to control the swelling and then considering needling lower.