Using 1/2 inch needles (superficial DN) to reduce a contusion is done through improving microcirculation and reducing inflammation. General application consists of placing 1/2 inch needles, .18 mm or 38 gauge, in and around the contusion and leaving for 10-15 minutes (time permitting). The number of needles used is dependent on the size of the contusion and spacing of the needles. Needles can be placed about 1 per square centimeter. (fairly close together) Although this a more specified local approach, like any injury, a contusion can spark neurogenic inflammation of the surrounding nerves locally and segmentally. Therefore, I would still recommend examining and appropriately treating the nerve distribution. I would also recommend adding an active component following the needling in order to further expedite the healing as trauma resulting in a contusion causes irritation and inhibition of the tissue which is usually the complaint of the patient. The effectiveness relates to the extent of the injury and the mechanism that resulted in it.