Hi Michael,

    We dive into the details of cupping in the NRT course but it is similar to needling in that a lot depends on dosage and patients QST score. If you aggressively piston and twitch some one vs. a couple of basic needles you are going to get a different response to a needling session. Similarly, sensory type cupping that leaves no bruising is obviously very different from cups that leave a dark purple bruise. You also have to consider the clients ability to recover from manual work. QST score can be part of your guide in choosing the right dosage of cupping.

    You are inducing a stress, their immune system has to win the repair process game. For this reason, I tend to let it be patient guided. if there is any residual skin sensitivity or soreness don’t repeat. Color or residual bruising is not typically an indication to rest it unless it is accompanied by sensitivity. General guidelines 3-4 days between cupping the same area usually works for most people.

    If this is taking longer than I expect, either it was too much dosage or consider adding some vibration with the hypervolt to promote fluid exchange.

    Hope this helps,