Nichole Gleeson

I started working as a physical therapist starting in May of 2018. I work in a rural hospital in northern Wisconsin. As a rural clinic, I work primarily as an outpatient therapist with a wide range of patients. I also spend time working with inpatients, in ER, and with post-op surgical cases as well. I also have experience working with athletic trainers and covering injuries on the sidelines of sporting events.
I have a special interest in working with kids and athletes. I an hoping to start having more of a presence in the area schools and helping develop preventative strength and conditioning programs for the student athletes.
I am currently looking into the sports specialty certification through the APTA.

Credentials: PT, DPT

2015 - Bachelor of Exercise Physiology - College of St. Scholastica
2018 - Doctorate of Physical Therapy - College of St. Scholastica

IDN Foundational Training - 2019

1615 Maple Lane
Ashland, Wisconsin 54806