Malinda (Mindy) M. Bragg-Coldsnow

Malinda Bragg-Coldsnow (Mindy) has been practicing sports physical therapy for 27 years with a concentration in adolescent sports for 25 years.

Growing up playing all sports (softball, basketball, volleyball, dance, cheerleading, cross country, track) and then deciding on running as a collegiate sport.

She ran mid distance (400,800,1500) for the University of Akron on a full ride scholarship.

Credentials: PT, MS, CIDN, CAFS, CPI, CKTP,

1991 -The Ohio State University, BS Physical Therapy

1995 - University of Akron, Masters in Sports Medicine

Cook, Chad, Bragg, Malinda, Congeni Joseph, Donaldson, Megan, Pfeiffer, Jeffrey. Association of Goutallier classification findings and presence of fat content in the multifidus muscles with delayed or poor recovery after physiotherapy in adolescents with spondylolysis. Physiotherapy Practice and Research, vol. 34, no. 1, pp 29-35, 2013

CIDN - Certified Integrated Dry Needling

CAFS = Certified Applied Functional Science via Gary Gray Institute

CPI = Certified Pilates Instructor (taught by a physical therapist)

CKTP = Certified Kinesiotape Practitioner

CI = APTA Clinical Instructor

3D Sport Analysis

Owen's Science Recovery Blood Flow Restriction Certification

Other training:  Graston trained, Mulligan trained, McKenzie A, B, C, D certificates, Maitland trained, Dynamic tape,


Specialities include =  adolescent sports rehab, 3D analysis of sports with kinetic link assessment, athletic spine with emphasis on spondylolysis (stress fracture) treatment (over 1500 patients with spondy dx) and emphasis on discogenic in athletes , lower extremity injuries, MDI shoulder,  ACL reconstructions, ankle instability

Special interests in track and field runners, softball players, soccer players, football players, most athletes


215 West Bowery Street
Suite 7200
Akron, Ohio 44308