Jason Hulme

Active Spine and Joint Center is unlike any other chiropractic or manual care center in the area. We offer an evidence-based, integrated approach to patient health care.

The rationale for employing an integrated health care approach, rather than following traditional chiropractic treatment programs, is based on clinical research. Each patient is unique, requiring equally distinctive treatment programs. While chiropractor adjustments are important, they are only one health care tool. Some patients need adjustments, others benefit from muscular manipulation and a majority of our patients require a combination of joint manipulation, muscular therapy and rehabilitation techniques.

The key to the evidenced based model of chiropractic care  is to diagnose not only the symptoms you have, but WHY you have them.

Credentials: D.C., Dipl. Med. Ac., SFMA, FMS
123 stadium drive
hendersonville, Tennessee 37075