Evette M. Ramirez

Evette Ramirez has been in physical therapy practice for 20 years in various settings from Acute Care, Outpatient and Skilled Nursing settings.  Currently working in the skilled setting, Evette is the Rehab Director for the Rehab department at Legend Oaks Waxahachie as well as the Therapy Resource or three other facilities.

Evette's clinical background started at a small community hospital where experience was gained serving clients in the acute setting as well as skilled, inpatient rehab and out patient.  Life and family brought her to work in various skilled and outpatient settings.  With an interest in manual techniques, Evette furthered her clinical knowledge and experience through selective training and education in these areas.

As the Rehab Director at Legend Oaks, Evette and her team have the opportunity to serve not only long term clients, but short term skilled clients and outpatient as well.  With Dry Needling in the pool of tools, techniques and modes of treatment that can be delivered, Evette hopes to be able to further serve clients at Legend Oaks as well as in the community with another way to decrease and manage pain as well as improve function for many.

Credentials: PT, DPT

BA in Biology Hardin-Simmons University

MPT Hardin-Simmons University

DPT Hardin-Simmons University

Graston Certified

Certified in Kinesio Taping

Areas of interest/specialty:

Dry Needling

Myofascial Release

Manual techniques and trigger point release


151 Country Meadows Blvd
Waxahachie, Texas 75165