Eric Rhoden M. Rhoden

Eric is a certified PWR (Parkinson’s Wellness Recovery) therapist and has specialized in the Parkinson’s population since 2014. He has past experience with MS, ALS, dystonia, ataxia, and TBI. He has advanced training with cupping, IASTM to help with pain manage, ROM, and neuromuscular re-education. He has a fitness and orthopedic background, which he has fused with his passion and knowledge for the movement disorder population to create comprehensive and individualized treatments.

Credentials: DPT

2010, University of California San Marcos, Bachelors of Science in Kinesiology (Pre PT)

2014, Loma Linda University, Doctorate of Physical Therapy

User Performance Evaluation and Real-Time Guidance in Cloud-Based Physical Therapy Monitoring and Guidance System


2014, PWR (Parkinsons Wellness Recovery) Therapist, PWR

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Suite 260
Austin, Texas 78753