Elizabeth Reichert

Dr. Elizabeth Reichert grew up in the middle of a cornfield—not literally, but that is what Iowa is known for. Small town girl at heart, she moved with her family to small town, Greene, NY. Sticking with this small town theme, she graduated with her Doctorate in Chiropractics in Seneca Falls—the home of the Women’s Rights movement. As an avid reader, she excelled in school and added on a Masters in Applied Clinical Nutrition. Dr. Reichert is familiar with pain, having had a chronic headache for years. She has found that chiropractic helped with her pain and adamantly believes that pain is not a lifestyle—nobody deserves to live with aches and pains on a daily basis.

Credentials: DC, MSACN
2050 Sea Level Dr Ste 106
Ketchikan, Alaska 99901