Colleen Kirkendall

Colleen Kirkendall was personally trained by Dr. Frank Gargano in the Integrative Dry Needling System.  She is in her 28th year of practice in the field of physical therapy. Earning her physical therapy assistant degree in 1991 from the University of Cincinnati, and then continuing her education completing her physical therapy degree from The Ohio State University in 1996.  Her clinical experience has spanned orthopedics and sports medicine--inclusive of semi-professional athletes;  acute care physical therapy,  geriatric physical therapy and advanced training in neuro-developmental treatment [NDT] for individuals with neurological involvement. She is currently manager of Highpoint Health's physical therapy department.  A typical day usually entails seeing patients with a wide variety of diagnosis in the outpatient center, to providing physical therapy treatment for patients in the intensive care unit.

Colleen also provides local community businesses with pre-employment physical screenings as well as developing work injury prevention programs.

Credentials: Physical Therapist, Manager Rehab Department

1996- Graduated from The Ohio State University for physical therapy degree

1991- Graduated from The University of Cincinnati for physical therapy assistant degree

Integrative Dry Needling Foundation Training

Neuro-developmental Treatment [NDT] trained

600 Wilson Creek Road
Lawrenceburg, Indiana 47001