Chelsea E. Smith

I am Dr. Chelsea Smith, Physical Therapist and Owner of HiFLEX Health & Performance.  My practice is a hybrid model, with mobile as well as brick and mortar services.  I specialize in treating chronic pain, unexplained pain, as well as swimmers. I run a Facebook group (Swimming Injury Support & Prevention) dedicated to educating the swim world on how to stay healthy, injury free, and in the water. I am also the creator of Swimmer PT, an online platform that houses educational programming for swimmers such as The Resilient Swimming Method (16 week program).

Credentials: PT, DPT

2012, The University of Tennessee Knoxville, BSE

2016, Tennessee State University, Doctorate of Physical Therapy

2016, IDN Foundational Dry Needle Course, Integrative Dry Needling Institute
2018, IDN Advanced Training Course

1804 E Main St.
Chattanooga, Tennessee 37404