Brittani H. Cookinham

My name is Brittani Cookinham, I am the physical therapy manager at EXOS-Athletes' Performance in Frisco, Texas. I am the center coordinator for clinical education for physical therapy students for all EXOS facilities. EXOS-API is a performance training facility that includes nutrition, culinary services, physical therapy, athletic training, strength and conditioning and massage therapy services. I rehabilitate athletes of all levels: youth to professional. I work with all sports however specialize in NFL combine, MMA, basketball, soccer and gymnastics. I am dry needling and ASTYM certified. I utilize Pilates, FMS, DNS, SFMA, PRI, IAOM manual therapy, Gray Cook, Shirley Sahrmann, and Thomas Myers work daily as part of my physical therapy practice.

Credentials: PT, DPT, CIDN, ATC, LAT

Sacred Heart University, Bachelors of Science in Athletic Training, 2011

Sacred Heart University, Doctorate of Physical Therapy, 2014

Texas Woman's University, PhD in Physical Therapy, expected 2020

2011, Certified Athletic Trainer

2014, Doctorate of Physical Therapy

2014, Dr. Ma's Integrative Dry Needling: Foundational Course

2014, Aquatic Therapy & Rehab Institute: Intro to Aquatic Therapy & Rehab

2014, Aquatic Therapy & Rehab Institute: Effective Documentation

2015, Rock Tape: FMT Fascial Movement Taping

2015, XPS Certified : EXOS Performance Specialist Certification

2015, Postural Restoration Institute: Myokinematic Restoration

2015, Y balance certification

2015, SFMA: Selective Functional Movement Assessment Certification

2015, StrongFirst Foundational Kettlebell Course

2016, International Academy of Orthopedic Medicine: Lower Cervical Spine/Whiplash

2016, Postural Restoration Institute: Pelvic Restoration

2016, Mulligan Concept: Lower Extremity

2016, Positional Release Therapy: Pelvic & Spine Course

2016, ASTYM Certification Course

2016, Dr. Ma's Integrative Dry Needling: Advanced Course

6155 Sports Village Rd. Suite 400
Frisco, Texas 75035