Brandon Morris

As a teenager, Dr. Brandon Morris was involved in a motor vehicle accident when he was struck by a drunk driver who ran a red light. Dr. Morris was left with severe torticollis and decreased range of motion in his cervical spine, for which he sought care from numerous specialists throughout his freshman year of college, none of which helped. Month after month would pass before someone would recommend chiropractic care. After a week of care, he was completely free of pain and full range of motion was restored. This experience left a lasting impression that would forever shape his life. After obtaining a Bachelors of Science Degree collaboratively in biology and chemistry from Francis Marion University and the University of South Carolina, Dr. Morris continued to pursue a career as a servant of the people. After two years into a pharmacy career, he felt unfulfilled in his ambitions to help people realize that chemicals merely attempt to mask symptoms of problems, while side effects cause other, often more serious problems. Remembering his own personal life changing experience with chiropractic care, He decided he wanted to become a doctor of chiropractic because only then could he truly help patients heal their problems at the source. Once obtaining his doctorate degree in chiropractic from Shurman College of Chiropractic, Dr. Morris began his career as a chiropractor. Since graduating, Dr. Morris has practiced in Columbia, SC, and is now practicing at Palmetto ChiroMed in Florence, SC.   He has also recently attained training in Integrative Dry Needling which also helps the body heal naturally by introducing a therapeutic lesion in specific areas of the body to encourage healing and decrease pain.  He enjoys helping others in the community by offering a drug and surgery free alternative approach to living healthy and boundless lives.

Credentials: DC, BS
491 West Cheves Street
Florence, South Carolina 29501