Austen L. Hutton

Austen is a Physical Therapist at the NovaCare Rehabilitation Salem Center.  His clinical experience has allowed him to work with numerous patients suffering from neck pain, headaches (cervicogenic/migraine), dizziness, and vestibular dysfunction.  However, Austen has experienced positive results with patients with orthaepedic and/or neurological diagnoses of any origin.  Austen graduated from Youngstown State University with his Doctorate in Physical Therapy.  During his time at YSU, he assisted in the research of Dr. David Griswold involving the utilization of Dry Needling for patients with low back pain.  This research experience has allowed Austen to keep updated with the most clinically relevant use of dry needling techniques.  It was also this experience that has driven Austen to utilize the dry needling treatment method with his patients.

For two years, I treated patients using only my two hands, applying manual therapy techniques to correct and treat movement dysfunctions.  These techniques allowed for great results, despite the simplicity.  Since becoming certified to treat with IDN, I now have the final key to allow for not just great results, but amazing results.  With the use of the IDN approach, patients are returning to functional levels that they believed were a thought of the past.

Credentials: DPT

2016 - Youngstown State University - Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT)

2013 - University of Mount Union - Bachelor of Exercise Science

2308 Southeast Blvd.
Salem, Ohio 44460